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It’s been a while since this blog us up and running again. Last time this blog is up on the main domain bowolabs.com but right now I move the blog to blog.bowolabs.com. I have my own reason why I move this blog to the new URL. First, because I have a plan for the main domain name (still secret, for now, LOL) and second I want to start blogging from the beginning again.

The second reasons about why I decided to start blogging from the beginning because the old blog I mix about my daily life with programming blog, I think that’s not too good to mix both of them together, also I got problem with my old database, I can’t get the whole database backup before, so rather than restore the old “incomplete” post, I better start post from beginning, and from now own there is no daily life post, its all about programming.

Also I still not decide yet should I will post all articles in English or I’ll mix with my mother language Indonesia, well just wait and see then 😀

And finally happy reading and hope you can get more knowledge by visiting this site.

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